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Games tagged as: Puzzle
Guide the marble to freedom through the ancient maze, c…

Unleash The Princess
This is a true story of a famous Persian kingdom. The p…

Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger - The Largest Tiger Breed in Asia

Escape From Khafre Pyrami…
You have been trapped inside of Khafre pyramid. Try to …

Bamboo Room Escape
You find yourself trapped in the bamboo room, try to fi…

Mediterranean Adventure 2
You are trapped in a temple and you need to find object…

Mediterranean Adventure 1
You are a student trapped in an archaeological excavati…

Power Puzzle 2
Rotate the blocks to get power to the finish

Touch my Simonn
Classic puzzle game !

Christmas Puzzle
Play through awesome Match 3 levels, collect Santa’s …

Game similar to Sokoban

The Slide Master - Ferrar…
Become the Slide Master and Checkout this funny slide p…

Bloom Nympix Slide Puzzle
bloom puzzle game

Funny Blue Memory
Fun and easy memory game for everyone - match pairs of …

Hidden JingleBells
find 50 hidden jinglebells with in 300 seconds

Puzzle Mini All4 Racing D…
Mini All4 Racing Dakar 2011 Puzzle page game

Puzzle Dakar 2011 Argenti…
Dakar 2011 Argentina Chile Puzzle page game

Puzzle Three Kings - 1
Three Kings Puzzle page game

Puzzle Spanish Football L…
Spanish Football League Puzzle page game

Puzzle Princes and Prince…
Princes and Princesses Puzzle page game

Puzzle New Year - 1
New Year Puzzle page game

Xmas Shopping
Your husband, Santa had a car accident. Help him to do …

Yaprak Dökümü
Play yaprak dökümü

Play defolation game

Chimpanzee Mania
Funny Chimpanzee

Bloom Sky Slide Puzzle
you can play with your mouse

Puzzle Horses - 2
Horses Puzzle page game

Puzzle Copa Libertadores …
Copa Libertadores 2011 Puzzle

Puzzle Trees -1
Trees Puzzle page game

Save the Fish
Help Albert the Robot save his fishy friends from destr…

Cute christmas cat puzzle
Cute christmas cat puzzle Game.

Light green small car puz…
Light green small car puzzle Game.

Little girl and cat puzzl…
Little girl and cat puzzle Game.

Powerful white car puzzle
Powerful white car puzzle Game.

Pink adorable car puzzle
Pink adorable car puzzle Game.

Unique motorcycle puzzle
Unique motorcycle puzzle Game.

Row Puzzle - Cat
Row Puzzle is a new game by
Row Puzzle is a new game by

Blissful girl and cat puzzle Game.

Wondrous  jeep puzzle
Wondrous jeep puzzle Game.

Electronic car puzzle
Electronic car puzzle Game.

Three wheeled car slide p…
Three wheeled car slide puzzle Game.

Wild lion slide puzzle
Wild lion slide puzzle Game.

Amazing gray car puzzle
Amazing gray car puzzle Game.

Galatasaray Puzzle
Puzzle Futboll game

Exclusive car puzzle
Exclusive car puzzle Game.

Hot Girls
Hot girls, You won't forget her eyes once you see her.

Fast motorcycle puzzle
Fast motorcycle puzzle Game.

Escape the igloo
Your stuck in your igloo again and now you must escape.

Combine 2 or more baubles of the same color to achieve …

Algo is a fast-paced logic puzzle. Players are given a …

Action Reaction
This is an addictive little game where the object of th…

Treasure Map Puzzle
Fun and easy puzzle game for everyone - put pieces of t…

Jigsaw: Rusty Car
An old rusty car that must have seen better days.

Puzzle Set 3
you can play with your mouse

Spartacus Gods of the Are…
Dozens of pieces of Spartacus Gods of the Arena puzzle …

Sokoban biohazard edition
Classic sokoban game

Car Workshop Hidden Objec…
Use your mouse to discover all of the hidden objects in…

Mao Mao Q
Match 4 or More Mao Mao Qs of the Same Color to Clear T…

Uncover The Cat
Uncover the cat. Click on colored circles to do it. Pla…

Grand motorcycle puzzle
Grand motorcycle puzzle Game.

Nice verdant car puzzle
Nice verdant car puzzle Game.

Two tiger puzzle
Two tiger puzzle Game.

Two lovely friend puzzle
Two lovely friend puzzle Game.

Flipit Mobile Chinese

Prussian blue car puzzle
Prussian blue car puzzle Game.

Magnificent Century
Play Magnificent Puzzle Game

Concept sports car puzzle
Concept sports car puzzle Game.

Tiny purple car puzzle
Tiny purple car puzzle Game.

Confused rabbit slide puz…
Confused rabbit slide puzzle Game.

Shaggy dog puzzle
Shaggy dog puzzle Game.

Bad Memory Escape 6
And once again you find yourself in a room... search fo…

Mini Mighty
Mini Mighty. Play more games at http://www.freegameview…

Fairy Friendship Hidden N…
There is a picture given, your objective is to find the…

A new block rolling style game. This blox is 2x2x1 and …

Hunt Down Super Mice
Hunt Down Super Mice. Play more games at http://www.fre…

Mystic River
Try to solve the riddle of the mystic river.

Jungle Sniper
Jungle Sniper. Play more games at http://www.freegamevi…

Stop The Bus
Try not to get thrown off the bus in this fun card game…

Remove the blocks to make happy faces get in touch with…

Dynasty Zombie
Dynasty Zombie. Play more games at http://www.freegamev…

baby fox puzzle game
baby fox puzzle game

Flower Power
Match 3 flowers to fill the customers orders in this hi…

Puzzle FIFA / FIFPro Worl…
FIFA / FIFPro World XI 2010 Puzzle

Sheep Jigsaw
Sheep Jigsaw. Can you solve it?

Fairy Art
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Bloon Bird
Bloon Bird. Play more games at http://www.freegameview.…

Chubby Women Skinny Monke…
Chubby Women Skinny Monkey. Play more games at http://w…

Escape Detention
After being bad in school you are put in detention. Now…

Addictive Puzzle Game minimalist developed by Javier Ga…

Happy New Year
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Verdant car puzzle
Verdant car puzzle Game.

Two confused girl slide p…
Two confused girl slide puzzle Game.

Big wheeled car puzzle
Big wheeled car puzzle Game.

Small simple car puzzle
Small simple car puzzle Game.

Funny monkey
Jigsaw Puzzle - Funny monkey

Optimisation V16
Jigsaw Puzzle - Optimisation V16

In Wireframe, your goal is to create the shape given by…

Amazing fast car puzzle
Amazing fast car puzzle Game.

Big argent car puzzle
Big argent car puzzle Game.

Tired lynx puzzle
Tired lynx puzzle Game.

Lovable girl and bear puz…
Lovable girl and bear puzzle Game.

İnteresting concept car …
İnteresting concept car puzzle Game.

Discovering Meera - Chine…
The Submarine Crashed into something and the lights wen…

Frog on the  foam puzzle
Frog on the foam puzzle Game.

Polygons chain
Blow up polygons in time to start reaction chain!

Fairy World Jigsaw Puzzle
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Pretty girl slide puzzle
Pretty girl slide puzzle Game.

Purple car slide puzzle
Purple car slide puzzle Game.

Futuristic small  car puz…
Futuristic small car puzzle Game.

Two penguins slide puzzle
Two penguins slide puzzle Game.

Rosy car puzzle
Rosy car puzzle Game.

Classy green car puzzle
Classy green car puzzle Game.

Blue butterfly puzzle
Blue butterfly puzzle Game.

Classy motorcycle puzzle
Classy motorcycle puzzle Game.

Black majestic car puzzle
Black majestic car puzzle Game.

White swift car puzzle
White swift car puzzle Game.

Gray open top jeep puzzle
Gray open top jeep puzzle Game.

Small christmas cat puzzl…
Small christmas cat puzzle Game.

Dark blue concept car puz…
Dark blue concept car puzzle Game.

Puzzle Valentine's day - …
Valentine's day puzzle page game 3 levels

Cute girl snapshot
A cute girl hanging from a fence posing for a snapshot.…

Puzzle Heidi, Opossum Zoo…
Heidi, Opossum Zoo Leipzig, Germany Puzzle page game 3 …

DJ booth
This dj is scratching and playing his tunes. We turned …

Steam Cab
You are a simple driver of steam-air taxi. Live and wor…

Jigsaw: Stacked Bricks
A huge stack of bricks. Let us build a house.

Jigsaw: Nativity Scene
Little baby Jesus in his bed of hay.

Jigsaw: Chandelier
Lovely Blue chandelier making the room brighter.

Penguin War
Penguin War. Play more games at http://www.freegameview…

Ajitile is a unique tile-based puzzle game that challen…

Seascape Jigsaw Puzzle
Seascape jigsaw puzzle. Piece together a beautiful seas…

Bubble Blast Extreme
Bubble blast Extreme is the sequel to the original Bubb…

Puzzle FIFA Ballon d'Or 2…
FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010 winner Puzzle page game

Jigsaw: Pink Waters
Beautiful waters in pink.

Bounce Bounce Revolution
Bounce Bounce Revolution is an addicting arcade style a…

Challenge of the soccer p…
Game that he is a riddle of thought

Cute blue car puzzle
Cute blue car puzzle Game.

Christmas and little girl…
Christmas and little girl puzzle Game.

Four vulture puzzle
Four vulture puzzle Game.

Escape the Island
Your plane has crashed and now you must escape the isla…

Funny racing
Jigsaw Puzzle - Funny racing

Fly city
Jigsaw Puzzle - Fly city

Funny doggy
Jigsaw Puzzle - Funny doggy

Blue Puzzle
A graphical puzzle with Naruto theme, where players mus…

Little Gorilla Puzzle
A nice and short puzzle game.

Yellow fast car puzzle
Yellow fast car puzzle Game.

Flame colored car puzzle
Flame colored car puzzle Game.

Green unique car puzzle
Green unique car puzzle Game.

Young girl and cats puzzl…
Young girl and cats puzzle Game.

Two leopard puzzle
Two leopard puzzle Game.

Concept brown car puzzle
Concept brown car puzzle Game.

Babel Tower Builder
Tower Construction Game. Build the 20 different stru…

Super Orange v1.0
Hi everyone, Orange simple game, collect all the fru…

Light blue mini car puzzl…
Light blue mini car puzzle Game.

Black motorcycle puzzle
Black motorcycle puzzle Game.

Cat among the flowers puz…
Cat among the flowers puzzle Game.

Shopping Girl Jigsaw
Shopping girl jigsaw puzzle. Can you solve it?

Strange concept car puzzl…
Strange concept car puzzle Game.

Winsome girl slide puzzle
Winsome girl slide puzzle Game.

Puzzle UEFA Champions Lea…
UEFA Champions League Eighth finals of 2010-11 Puzzle p…

Pink fast car puzzle
Pink fast car puzzle Game.

Fast purple slide car puz…
Fast purple slide car puzzle Game.

Egypt Pyramids Jigsaw
Egypt Pyramids Jigsaw. Can you solve it?

Jigsaw: Poinsettia
Lovely Christmas flower.

Jigsaw: Yellow Aircraft
Cool yellow aircraft just before liftoff.

Rabbit puzzle game
Rabbit puzzle game

My Farm
Test your memory....interesting game for all

Colorful two birds puzzle
Colorful two birds puzzle Game.

Old classic car puzzle
Old classic car puzzle Game.

Curious chameleon puzzle
Curious chameleon puzzle Game.

Concept argent car puzzle
Concept argent car puzzle Game.

Green speed motorcycle pu…
Green speed motorcycle puzzle Game.

Cat girl slide puzzle
Cat girl slide puzzle Game.

Tiny pandas puzzle
Tiny pandas puzzle Game.

Puzzle Set 2
you can play with your mouse

Muhteşem Yüzyıl
Muhteşem Yüzyıl Puzzle Oyunu

Jigsaw: Christmas Tree Cl…
Christmas feelings with some Christmas decorations in y…

Jigsaw: Angel Face
Looking out on nothing and everything this angel face.

Jigsaw: Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas also known as Santa Claus. But are they …

Locate exit
By controlling the cursor, you need to get into a certa…

Red and white motorcycle …
Red and white motorcycle puzzle Game.

Fairy Flying
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Nice girl and toys slide …
Nice girl and toys slide puzzle Game.

Magic Land
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Awesome Tile Matching
Select a couple of light tiles to remove them. you matc…

Jigsaw: Winged Lion
Pretty statue of a lion with wings.

Jigsaw: Sculpted Tree
Someone got the gardener running full time.

Simple puzzle game with 4 difficulty settings and optio…

polar bear puzzle game
polar bear puzzle game

Black Hole Adventure
Black Hole Adventure. Play more games at http://www.fre…

Coin Mint
Ales museum had 5 rare coins. Somehow the coins have br…

Nice colorful car puzzle
Nice colorful car puzzle Game.

Three wheel yellow car pu…
Three wheel yellow car puzzle Game.

Great purple jeep puzzle
Great purple jeep puzzle Game.

Domestic cat and fishes p…
Domestic cat and fishes puzzle Game.

White nice car puzzle
White nice car puzzle Game.

Shoppin Girl Jigsaw
Shopping girl jigsaw puzzle. Can you solve it?

Orange monkey family puzz…
Orange monkey family puzzle Game.

Hidden Hearts 2
Search for 40 hidden hearts, find all hearts, as fast a…

Help fish get back to water!

Christmas Mess
You have to figure out how to collect all the items tha…

Puzzle Buses - 1
Buses Puzzle page game

Trix New Year Puzzle
you can play with your mouse

Puzzle Set 1
you can play wirh your mouse

The Antique Store
Try to find all the objects listed before the time runs…

Sling Bot
Sling Bot is a fun puzzle game with intuitive control w…

box office rumble
a cool no-questions movie trivia. A movie trivia that …

Four curious lemur puzzle
Four curious lemur puzzle Game.

Incredible gray car puzzl…
Incredible gray car puzzle Game.

Tuning V12
Jigsaw Puzzle - Tuning V12

Two friendly puzzle
Two friendly puzzle Game.

Fairy Slide Puzzle
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Think Thing World - Snow …
Think Thing World - Snow Ball Party Mouse click to c…

Row Puzzle - Windows
Row Puzzle is a new game by

Mercedess Puzzle

Line up diamonds to make points and combos in this fast…

Row Puzzle - Oldtimer
Row Puzzle is a new game by
Use inversed movement to make your way through 20 level…

Argent motorcycle puzzle
Argent motorcycle puzzle Game.

High speed car puzzle
High speed car puzzle Game.

Cute girl and music puzzl…
Cute girl and music puzzle Game.

Blue seater car puzzle
Blue seater car puzzle Game.

Gray elegant car puzzle
Gray elegant car puzzle Game.

The World Of Flora
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Holiday Fairy
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pi…

Fairies Blog Hidden Numbe…
There is a picture given, your objective is to find the…

Pink speedy motorcycle pu…
Pink speedy motorcycle puzzle Game.

Gray petty car puzzle
Gray petty car puzzle Game.

Orange car slide puzzle
Orange car slide puzzle Game.

Little girl slide puzzle
Little girl slide puzzle Game.

Sweet parrot puzzle
Sweet parrot puzzle Game.

Xmas Color Twist
Solve 65 levels of this Christmas brainteaser for all a…

frog puzzle game
frog puzzle game

airbus puzzle game
airbus puzzle game

black horse puzzle game
black horse puzzle game

parrot puzzle game
parrot puzzle game

racing car puzzle game
racing car puzzle game

rally car puzzle game
rally car puzzle game

lion puzzle game
lion puzzle game

Jigsaw: Stream And Moss
Fresh ice cold water between moss covered rocks.

Bear IQ
Help the bear find his honey by placing direction-arrow…

Puzzle your way through 25 levels of sticky block-ness

Row Puzzle - Warehouse
Row Puzzle is a new game by
Row Puzzle is a new game by

Row Puzzle is a new game by
Santa Cat Jigsaw Puzzle. Can you solve it?

Matching Puzzle
적 드레스를 시도 Matching Puzzle? 당신은 정…

Big spectacular car puzzl…
Big spectacular car puzzle Game.

Blobs Hunter
Drive all blobs to the bucket avoiding obstacles. 20 le…

Solve the level YOUR way in this reflex based puzzler!

Inferno Meltdown
So you always wanted to be a fire-fighter? Well now's y…

Alien Hunter
Alien Hunter. Play more games at http://www.freegamevie…

Alien Spaceship Shooter
Alien Spaceship Shooter. Play more games at http://www.…

Use the arrow keys to collect the power ups and avoid t…

Dung Dungeon
A Sliding maze game. Unlike the common maze game, in t…

Vacation House Escape
You find yourself trapped in the vacation house, try to…

The 19th: Hospital
Having just narrowly escaped death previously, you're a…

Bottle Tea Puzzles
A classic match3 game with 6 stages. Players need to ac…

Slide Puzzles
Slide puzzle game with 4 different difficulty levels an…

puzzle freak 2 china
chinese version of the game

Ancient Egypt Mahjong
You have a possibility to play the Egypt variation of t…

Parthenon Jigsaw Puzzle
Play a fun and educational jigsaw puzzle game! The Part…

SteerWheels 3
A fun physics based driving game where you have to get …

Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki
Play Puzzle Game

Computer Acronym Quiz
Think you're a bit of a techie? Do reletives come to y…

Superheroes quiz
A quiz about superheroes - how much do you know?

Shuffle mania
You have to put randomly shuffled letters into correct …

Quiz - Countries and Capi…
A quiz to find out how much you know about the world an…

Elemental Explosions
A match 3 game with an elemental theme. The goal of the…

Square It
Many childhoods have been spent playing this addictive …

Maestro di Colore
Watch and repeat the color combination played by the co…

The Tricky Tumblers
A mind boggling puzzle game with various levels of diff…

Nonogram #1
Logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to be colore…

Ornament Key
Assemble various ornaments to unlock and open ancient g…

Switch FB
For those that missed it the first time. The new Facebo…

Nonogram #3
Picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to b…

Aqua Fish Puzzle
This is a very nice puzzle games where you are matching…

P'cross Vol. 2
More puzzles from the masterminds at Hurgle - P'Cross V…

IQ Cannon
The IQ Cannon is a quiz type game where you need to ans…

Puru Puru Fly To The Star…
Help Winged Puru Puru fly to the star. Avoid obstacles …

Zombie Sniper
Zombie Sniper. Play more games at http://www.freegamevi…

Ghost Shooter
Ghost Shooter. Play more flash games at…

Blur Blur Shoot
Blur Blur Shoot. Play more games at http://www.freegame…

Maze 7.0
This Game is classic Maze game.

Daft Blox
Highly addictive box-exploding puzzler

C-Quence is a match game where you build sequences of c…

Penguin Quest
You’ll have to use all your wit to corner the penguin…

Egg Drop
Egg Drop is fast-paced with realistic physics and a del…

Jigsaw: Shellfish
Eat the shellfish as fast as you can!

Escape from Sea Museum
A fifteen year old boy entered Museum of Sea.Time passe…

Mediterranean Adventures …
You are trapped in a church in Italy and you need to fi…

Mediterranean Adventures …
You are trapped in Greece and you need to find objects …

Pair Mania - Politics
Another fun paired cards game. match up the picture pai…

Alchemy - Evolution
Purpose: combine elements to get new elements. Open al…

Girlie Girls
A fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs tog…

Girlie Pairs
A fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs tog…

PowerNumber II
Simple rules but rich gameplay. It's a puzzle game abo…

drive the red car to exit

Nonogram #4
Picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to b…

Nonogram #2 - Hard
Picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to b…

Broken Doll
Solve intricate puzzles to fix the doll.

Perfect Balance 3: Last T…
The last 40 levels of Perfect Balance, as we know it. B…

Sweet Cat
Sweet Cat puzzle Game

Brabus Puzzle
Mercedess Brabus puzzle Game

Nonogram #5 - 20x20
Picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to b…

Dino Hatch
Fun and simple Puzzle Game with elements taken from som…

Wizard Memory
A fun memory game

Porche 911
Porche 911 puzzle Game

Collect sand drops in the desert with your amazing puzz…

Classic Car Puzzle
Classic old fashion Car Puzzle by

SubMarine Sniper. Play more games at http://www.freegam…

Age of Defense 3
Age of Defense is back! Battle through 32 units, unlock…

Microcosmic Shooter
one day, you see a mosquito when you are brushing, but …

Color Breaker
Match same colored blocks from the sides in this fast p…

Jigsaw: Winter Stream
A lovely winter Scenery.

Jigsaw: Snowy Owl
Cute little white owl.

Jigsaw: River Night
Beautiful evening sky by the river bank.

Jigsaw: Red Apples
Grab a bite of a tasty red apple.

Jigsaw: Skyscrapers At Da…
A dramatic picture of skyscrapers at night fall.

Jigsaw: Old Keys
Some old keys to a treasure chest maybe.

Shoot the stars from the sky in this fun new puzzle gam…

Tomb of Undead
Tomb of the undead is a memory game. The design is focu…

Row Puzzle - Tunnel
Row Puzzle is a new game by

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